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Principal : Mr. M. Solomon


From Principalís Desk


            Education plays an important role in every oneís personality development. Vidyalaya, the temple of learning plays a vital role in it. The very purpose of education is to develop certain qualities, values in children so that they become good citizen, and the serve the county & country men. Kendriya Vidyalya N.H.P.C. Loktak is located in a remote locality of Manipur where the role of teacher in moulding  the personality of children is of immense importance. The loving, caring attitude of teacher for the students is very much required here and I am happy that all my worthy teachers are pursuing this and in this regards the Vidyalaya is also getting the parental and VMC Support. I hope in the long run the vidyalaya will touch new milestones as of success.

            I wish all my dear children success in their life.


 (M. Solomon)

K.V., Loktak (Manipur)